Our Insistence On Purity

The Product is the Top Priority.

As a comprehensive entity with high-tech swiftlet nesting houses and factories, Yu Xiang Yan has full control of the whole processes from harvesting, production, packaging to sales and after-sale services to ensure only natural and pure bird’s nests of highest quality are offered to its customers.

This is our promise and we will carry this dedication to product quality for generations to come.

We adopt highest standard by considering factors such as bird’s nest color, shape, size, fibre density, moisture level.

We replace chemical additives with plant enzymes coupled with smart employment of high-precision machinery to preserve the highest purity of natural bird’s nest.

We innovatively use pasteurization method to maintain bird’s nest’s nutrition to the greatest degree.

Our licenses and certifications

  • Import and Export License of Dry Bird’s Nest From Malaysia to Overseas
  • Import and Export License of Dry Bird’s Nest From Singapore
  • Import and Export License of Bottled Bird’s Nest From Singapore & Malaysia
  • Testing of Dry Bird’s Nest from Singapore Laboratory
  • Singapore “PSB “Testing of Bottled Bird’s Nest
  • Singapore “PSB” Testing of Stewpots
  • Certificate for Professional Training
  • Certificate of Malaysia Halal
  • Certificate of GMP of Factory
  • Certificate of HACCP of Factory
  • Import permit of Australia
  • Import permit of USA